Birthday Parties

Whether you are having  5, 10 or 50 kids for your party , Glimmer Body Art’s
amazing glitter tattoo is guaranteed to keep the kids (and adults too!)
entertained. We have an extensive design collection to suit your party
theme . Our highly skilled Glimmer Girls will surely bring smiles to your guests
with their amazing paint-on glitter tattoos creations.
Glitter Tattoo Party
Los Angeles
Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah

Glimmer Body Art is the perfect party entertainment for this Grand event that
is celebrated with families and friends.  The sparkle and shimmer of our
amazing glitter tattoos compliments the classy & festive vibe of the event.
Glimmer Services
Bar and Lounge Parties

Glitter tattoos add the extra spice to bar and lounge parties. It unleashes
the fun and sometimes wild side of a person.  It also effectively gets the
guests really into the mood of having fun.  Our Chic collection of designs is
very popular for bars and loungers.  We’ve done tattoos on every part of the
body imaginable on this type of events!
Corporate Events and Promotions

We can never underestimate the power of branding.  Imagine your product,
brand or company logo on your target market's skin? Glitter tattoos are
great conversation starters and it lasts up to a week so people will still be
talking and walking with your product even after your event!
Pool and Beach Parties

One of the great advantages of glitter tattoos is that it’s waterproof.  
Guests can have their glitter tattoos and jump in the pool right away.  Our
glitter tattoos also look great under the sun.  Glimmer will surely add fun  
and sparkle while your guests are enjoying the water with their glistening
glitter tattoo.
Fairs, Festivals and Boutiques

Glimmer Body Art can add value and entertainment to fairs and festivals with
its awesome glitter tattoo creations. The Glimmer booth is a consistent
crowd drawer because of the quality of service that it provides and the
personalized attention the Glimmer Girls gives to kids.
Awareness Campaigns & School Fund Raising Programs

Glimmer Body Art is also active in community awareness and fund raising
campaigns such as breast cancer awareness programs and school fund
raisers. It is an ardent supporter of American Cancer Society. Glimmer Body
Art can work with you in creating custom made designs for your awareness
programs that can help with your campaigns.
Sporting Events

Being based in Los Angeles where most of the popular sports teams are
located, it follows that Glimmer Body Art is very much into doing sporting
events and kids club activities of popular sports teams such as the LA Kings.  
Our sports and school team glitter tattoos adds excitement to fans and sets
the overall team spirit.
Custom Made Design Services

Glimmer's ability  to create personalized and custom designs specific for a
client’s need sets us apart from the rest.  It has dedicated artist that will
work with you to come up with the design that can bring the image of your
product or event theme to life or simply bring smile to your little girl's face
with their personalized glitter tattoos.
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We guarantee that Glimmer Body Art will add Fun & Sparkle to your parties & events
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